Resonant tunnelling diode oscillators with on-chip antenna

Khaled Arzi, Lisa Liborius, Werner Prost


Fundamental mode free running oscillators hold the promise to provide the most compact and energy efficient chip-size sources up to THz frequencies [1]. The frequency control of free running oscillators is a major challenge possibly enabling future array-based advanced functionalities such as emission beam steering and MIMO applications [2]. The conventional approach for frequency tuning is the variation of the oscillator resonance frequency with a voltage-depended capacitance. However, any manufactural inhomogeneity affects the oscillator frequency and the voltage-controlled frequency tuning. Based on this approach it is extremely difficult to fabricate an array of oscillators emitting at the identical frequency and moreover at a pre-defined phase relation. A promising alternative is the wire-less sub-harmonic injection locking. This technique decouples the oscillator circuit from the frequency tuning element at the expense of a low-frequency sub-harmonic source. It enables a frequency tuning of an array of free running oscillators with just one tuning element.

The challenge of this proposal is to develop a compact array of oscillator/antenna circuits operating at a locked frequency with defined and stable phase conditions enabling MIMO operations. The Resonant Tunnelling Diode (RTD) offers in an ultra-wide frequency range a huge negative-differential resistance that is ideally suited to de-attenuate resonator circuits. RTD based injection locked oscillators co-integrated with on-chip antenna will be developed and fabricated in the frequency range of 0.25 THz < f < 2 THz. In this frequency range we will develop technologies for phase- and frequency locking via sub-harmonic injection.


The oscillator used consists of a triple barrier resonant tunnelling diode (TB-RTD) integrated into a half-wavelength slot antenna. By integrating TB-RTD into an antenna, it can be used for oscillator functionality as well as a detector depending on bias condition [3,4]. At positive bias in the regime of negative differential resistance, the TB-RTD allows oscillation up to THz frequencies at room temperature. Here, we present a proof of concept for sub-harmonic frequency tuning of a free-running TB-RTD/antenna oscillator. The precise injection locking control of single oscillator is experimentally demonstrated at microwave frequencies. The fundamental mode signal peak is observed at f0 = 31.9 GHz. The peak power is about 18 dB above noise level. Next a sub-harmonic injection locking signal of fsub = f0/2 ≈ 16 GHz is applied (Fig. 1). In the whole experimental tuning range of 200 MHz the used multiplication factor N = 2 is precisely maintained while the output is pretty constant (ΔPout < +/- 0.7 dB). A higher sub-harmonic injection factor shall enable a lower sub-harmonic injection frequency (fsub = f0/4, f0/6, ...) and is therefore currently under investigation. The slot antenna used here is known for a narrow radiation bandwidth. A wider tuning capability of the output signal is expected using a bow-tie antenna [4].

Funding (2017-2019):

  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG, Project C02 of the Transregional Collaborative Research Center SFB TRR 196 (MARIE) "Mobile Material Characterization and Localisation by Electromagnetic Sensing"


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Fig. 1. Oscillator frequency tuning via field-based sub-harmonic injection locking for N = 2.